Personalize Your Picture Night Light

Customized night lights can brighten anyone’s evening by celebrating and illuminating that special smile, a special moment or even an inspirational thought. A great gift ideas for your kids, grandkids, graduates, camera bugs, pet lovers, people lovers, classmates, co-workers, companions, or anyone else special in your life.

Your Night Light

Night lights are for anyone looking for an shiny way to celebrate you, your friends and your time together. If a selfie looks great when you share it, image how great it will look on the wall of your bedroom or dorm. Is someone you care about away at college? A photo nightlight can remind them you’re thinking about them.

Night lights make great gifts too. Got a favorite shot of your friends, your pets or that special someone? Do you have a go-to quote or mantra you turn to when you need a little spark of inspiration? Whatever it is, Custom Photo Night Lights can help you capture it in a nightlight format, so that it can glimmer forever.

Babies and Kids Night Lights

Imagine your favorite photo subtly lighting up your child’s bedroom wall – or illuminating the path down the hall.

Don’t stop with just photos. Go ahead: use your imagination! Would you like to see your son’s name in lights? Did your daughter scribble a special drawing that deserves a little glow?   

Custom Photo Night Lights can work with you to transform any image into a beacon to help make sweet dreams even sweeter.    

Wedding Night Lights

Imagine your special day glowing on your favorite wall or guiding guests down the hall. Custom Photo Night Lights not only illuminate, they can offer a warm accent to a room. And – if you’re still planning for that Big Day, aCustom Photo Night Light makes a great gift for the bridesmaid, the groomsmen as well as a unique way of telling your guests “thank you!”

Pet Night Lights

Hey, their part of the family, right? Why not honor your four-legged friends with glimmering tributes. You can celebrate the furry cheer they bring to your life, by uploading your favorite pet pic and letting it shine forever as a custom night light.